How Pokies Lines Work

 The casino sector has been a part of the world for a long time, and in that time it has come to be one of the biggest industries that modern world has ever known. Creating thousands of jobs and generating billions in revenue, there are few other markets that have boomed as well as casinos have in the last one hundred years. A big part of that success is due to the massive popularity of pokies, and whether you like them or not, there’s no denying that pokies have become an important part of many cultures, such as the multicultural country of New Zealand.

One of the reasons that pokies have been such a phenomenal success around the world and in countries in New Zealand is thanks to their simplicity; that ease in which someone can sit down in front of a machine and start playing straight away. Some games may take years to master, but the humble pokie has kept many generations entertained while also giving millions the chance of walking away rich. The simplicity of the game is not only found in the gameplay, but in the mechanics that make up that gameplay, and these mechanics have remained virtually the same since video pokies first hit the market.

What Are Pokies Lines?

Pokies lines, more commonly referred to as paylines, are the parts of the machine that determine how much a player can win from certain combinations that can land across the reels. If you have loaded up a pokie, you may notice that there is usually a little help tab that can be opened up. Upon opening this, you will quickly come across a paytable, and they are usually a number of images of the reels with lines across them. These are the paylines, and every pokie has them; and they are one of the most important elements of the game.

How Lines Work

The paylines are pre-set to every game, meaning that before you even start playing, the software is designed with a number of pre-sets that can be activated at random, depending on how each round plays out. During a spin, and once the reels have come to a stop, the pre-set lines will be matched against how the symbols are aligned across the reels, and if any of the symbols make the right combinations, then the player can potentially win something.

 Pokies lines can either run straight across the reels from left to right, or diagonally, although this can vary depending on the type of pokie it is. Players will also often have the chance to adjust how many paylines are active during a game, which is also usually linked with the amount each spin will cost. The more paylines that are active, the higher the bet, but this also means that there is a higher chance of landing a winning combination during a spin. It should be noted that not all combinations are equal, and it is the job of the paylines to determine whether a combination is worth a lot or worth a little.

Understanding Pokies Lines

Any seasoned pokies player will agree that the key to a successful pokies career is information. Learning how the machines work, and what you need to win big can help you enjoy your favourite pokies even more.