Online Casino Glossary

There are a number of specialised terms and words which are unique to casinos. Knowing what they mean will not only help you to successfully navigate the world of online casinos but also help to make you appear suave and well versed. Have a look at our glossary to learn the most common ones.

American Roulette: A version of roulette originating in France in the 1700’s. This version features a double zero and has a higher house edge than its counterparts.

Ante: A bet which is placed at the beginning of a card game before the game can begin.

Bankroll: The amount of money which you have to spend on games.

Bonus: A promotion offered by various casinos in order to either attract new members or keep existing ones motivated.

Bonus Round: An extra round on a pokie or slot machine which offers players a special feature such as free spins.

Bust: When you go over 21 when playing blackjack. If this happens, you will lose the game and any bets which you have placed.

Coin size: The price of each spin in a pokie or slot machine. Players can usually choose their preferred coin size in order to determine how much money they want to spend on each spin.

Croupier: The dealer in charge of a roulette game.

Double Down: A blackjack term whereby you get an extra card if you place another bet after you have received your initial two card hand.

Free Spins: Awarded by either a casino bonus or the game itself, these are chances to spin the reels for free.

Hit: To get an extra card in blackjack in order to get as close to 21 as you can.

Inside Bets: Bets placed on the inside of the roulette table. These are usually higher than outside bets.

Instant Play: A version of an online or mobile casino which can be played in your browser without any downloading.

Jackpot: The main prize offered on a pokie. These are the proverbial pots of gold which every player wishes to hit.

Pass Line: The easiest bet on a craps table. This bet pays out if a roll comes up as a seven or eleven, and loses if that roll is a two, three or twelve.

Payline: The line of symbols on a pokie which will result in a prize. Pokies generally have a number of these going across the screen.

Progressive Jackpot: A jackpot on a pokie machine which is linked to a number of other ones, and increases all the time.

Push: A tie bet in various casino games. When a bet pushes, the player gets their initial bet back but doesn’t win anything more.

Scatter Symbol: A symbol or icon in a pokie machine which appears on any payline and result in a prize. Many of these also launch the special feature should the machine have one.

Shoe: The number of cards in a blackjack or other card game. The shoe is generally referred to in accordance with how many decks it contains, such as an eight deck shoe.

Slot Machines: Otherwise known as pokies in New Zealand. These are casino games with spinning reels and a number of symbols. The idea is to mine up identical symbols in order to win.

Welcome Bonus: Offered by casinos in order to attract new players. These bonuses usually involve an amount of free money or free spins.