Live Casino New Zealand

How the Top Live Casino Sites are Rated

When we compile or list of recommended places for New Zealand’s online players to spend some time at, we measure the performance of the live casino against a yardstick of criteria that we have put in place to ensure that you have the most excellent live dealer experience every time. We look for:

  • Online Safety

The live online casino you will be spending time at from those on offer here have all the proper encryption certification and software in place in order to keep your info private.

  • Payouts

We ensure that you are able to withdraw the winnings you have accrued from your live casino play without having to wait endlessly for your money to become available.

  • Responsive Support

We personally test the various ways provided for making contact with the live dealer customer support team in order to make sure they respond swiftly and competently.

  • Mobile Accessibility

The best live online casino sites are able to offer you a responsive, secure, bug-free mobile option as well, either by means of a dedicated mobile site or an application, and we provide information on these.

  • Game Variety

A top live casino needs to be able to provide a good selection of games, with variations on offer that allow you to find the real money fun you are looking for.

  • Bonuses and Offers

We double-check all of the terms and conditions of the live dealer bonuses on offer to make sure that you are always being dealt with fairly and in a straightforward manner.

How Live Online Casino Games Work

A typical live online casino game will look very similar to standard casino games at first glance. On your end, most of the game functions are handled by means of an interface that include your chips, the layout for the table, and buttons for placing your bets and accomplishing the game’s required actions.

Most live casino games allow you to interact with the dealer and the other players taking part if you wish to.

The section of the live dealer game’s screen that is not taken up by the interface is where the real magic happens: you will be able to view a live croupier managing the game you are playing by means of it, in exactly the manner a real dealer in a land-based casino would.

The dealer for the live online casino will be able to view the actions you have put into place, and he or she will react accordingly right as you view them by means of the webcam. The dealer will be located in either an actual casino or a set, and the table is real, as are all the elements of the game that are used to determine its results.

It is worth noting that these games are relatively new, and not all NZ casinos have implemented them as yet. You will, however, be able to find the very best of what is available currently by browsing the information on our site!