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Sic Bo New Zealand Casino, also known as”tai sai” is an exciting casino table game that is very popular in Asia but can be found in the majority of casinos around the world. It is a game that is very easy to learn and to play because the object of the game is simply to predict which numbers will appear on the faces of dice after they have been shaken. The origins of the game date back hundreds of years to its roots in ancient China. After a long and complicated history, the game has recently gained in popularity since it was made more accessible to the masses via the internet. Most people had never heard of the game until they browsed passed it on a list of online casino games.

The main advantage of Sic Bo, when compared to other online poker table games, is the simplicity of rules and gameplay. The whole game is a prediction of the outcome for a roll of three dice. The game uses a table layout and three dice. While it might seem similar to casino craps, it is much easier to understand and to play. There are two parts to a Sic Bo New Zealand Casino game. The table where bets are placed and the three dice that are shaken to reveal the game outcome. Bets can be placed on a particular number or on a variety of combinations. For example, a bet may be placed on a total sum of the numbers produced by the dice roll. It is also possible to place a bet on a range of numbers.

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Sic Bo Casino Online NZ

In Sic Bo New Zealand Casino, many types of wagers are possible. Players should take into consideration that more than one bet may be placed on the same game. Betting on the total of the three dice can be done in two ways. Perhaps the best way to start is by predicting whether the total will be Small (4 -10) or Big (11 -17). A correct wager will pay 1-to-1. The player can also lose the game if the dice combination is a triple, either e.g. 444 or 555. A more difficult bet is selecting the specific total that will come up, 4 through 17. The pay-outs for winners will vary, depending on the number chosen. It is possible to bet on a single number, 1 through 6, or on two numbers, such as 1-3, 2-3, 3-5, etc. Wagers can be made on specified “doubles” or “pairs” appearing, on exact triples, or on any double or any triple.

As with most casino games, Sic Bo New Zealand Casino is a game based on pure luck and chance. There are no winning strategies to the game as the outcome can never be predicted. Every game offers an opportunity to win or lose. The online version of the game can be found at hundreds of New Zealand and international online casinos worldwide. If you are looking for the best online casino table games: look no further. You can find New Zealand’s best casino table games right here. For a complete list of online casinos and high quality table games, visit one of the casinos you find here. For your convenience we have listed and rated the country’s top online casinos and casino games and players from New Zealand are assured of an excellent, all-round entertaining gambling experience when playing at our top picks.


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