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When you are enjoying one of our incredible NZD casinos listed on this site, you are no doubt looking for a great, secure and efficient way to pay your deposits and make all other online casino related transactions. You should look into POLi, if you haven’t already. This online payment platform is very easy to use, and offers you a great deal of security and reliability. Over 1 billion people from New Zealand, and all over the world, are already using this method as their preferred online payments platform, so you should sign up today to see why such a great number of people rely on this method. If you are looking for a payment method that will give you peace of mind and a great experience, then look no further!

Many people are reluctant to make the move to online casinos, as they worry about the hassle of paying online. In the past, signing up for an online payment platform could be challenging and complicated! However, New Zealand POLi Casinos makes the registration process completely hassle free and efficient. The registration process is completely free, with no hidden costs lurking behind it. Furthermore, all details and explanations you will need to sigh up are provided, making the process very simple.

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$1,000 NZD 728 POLi Casino Games
2 $1,600 NZD 723 Casino POLi Games
3 $350 NZD720 POLi Casino Games
4 $750 NZD718 Casino POLi Games

Online Casinos With POLi

In the past, players without credit cards would have a difficult time trying to find an online casino that would accept payments or transactions from anything but a credit card. This is no longer the case, as payment platforms like New Zealand POLi Casinos allow you to make quick and easy online payments even if you do not own a credit card. This is great news if you don't want to sign up for a credit card, or incur interest fees on your online payments.

Because over 1 billion people use this method of payment on a daily basis, there are many online casinos that accept it as a payment and transaction platform. Many of the casinos on our list of brilliant NZD casinos accept this payment method, so you will not be limited in terms of choice by your chosen method of payment if you use New Zealand POLi Casinos.

Online Casino POLi New Zealand

Many online payment platforms do not offer a notifications service, which can make it difficult for you to keep track of your online casino spending. If you are budget conscious, then the notification system on offer from POLi will definitely be of great interest to you when you play in one of our many top rated New Zealand online casinos. When you make a payment via this platform, you will receive a notification detailing your purchase, which you can then store to have on hand in case you need to review your spending and review your budgetary needs. This notification system is also very valuable in providing a proof of payment statement, in case any discrepancies arise in which your payment is questioned. This is just one of the many innovative steps that New Zealand POLi Casinos takes to ensure the safety and convenience of its users.

For easy online banking use New Zealand POLi Casinos and enjoy pokies and more at the best casinos New Zealand has to offer.


$1,000 NZD Over 500 Games
$1,600 NZD Over 450 Games
$350 NZD Over 450 Games
$750 NZD Over 450 Games